Fêlée de la Théière

Amandine, Amy, Amande, Wealling. 18. France. Completely mad.

Since I’m a little child I go through this world with ghosts beside me Back then I had a hard time getting asleep Now I’m a grown up man things have changed except the world stay the same I think it a shame having a hard time wakin’ up and start to weep Please let me rest me head I remember the day the good old day when friends and I We had those long conversations about creatures from the sky About an evil puppet for real that would be so easy to kill I was young then and the monsters were not the same I think it’s a shame having a hard to wakin’ up and start to cry I think it’s a shame having a hard time livin’up and I’ll tell you why Please let me rest my head Let me forget that I’ll soon be dead I’d rather live in my dream that suffurin in your nightmare Caus’ I’m a dreamer and we are many we are too many to suffer I ear everywhere the sound of the world tumbling down But they are no aliens in town.


was this movie even real



Laverne Cox in the music video for "You & I" by John Legend

Side note: This video is beautiful and wonderful and I cried

^^^^^ Ahhhhh watch the video!!!!!!

video games don’t make us violent, lag does

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What is done with love is done well. - Van Gogh


What is done with love is done well. - Van Gogh

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(breaks into your house) can i pet your dogs


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I honestly saw this as a way of George telling D&D to fuck themselves


初接吻 | ajico

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if I ever stop reblogging this… it’s time to delete my blog.


David Tennant you are a punny motherfucker